Media Resources

Whether you’re a member of the media or a grant recipient preparing to promote your Otto Bremer Trust grant or program-related investment, this is the place to find general information about OBT, our brand assets, and guidelines for their use.


If you are a member of the media

contact David Hakensen, our communications consultant, at 612-840-4592 or at

If you are a grant or PRI Recipient

contact Ann Pagel, our operations and communications associate, at 651-312-3542 or at

Media Kit

Brand Identity Assets

To ensure consistent use of OBT brand assets, you may only use the approved brand assets provided on this site.

  • Identity guidelines
  • Logos in HPG, PNG, and EPS formats
  • Graphics for sharing on social media


For Grant / PRI Recipients
What's in this pack:
  • Grant promotion guidelines
  • Identity Guidelines
  • Standard logos (JPG, PNG, EPS)
  • Social media graphics
  • Fact sheet
  • Latest annual report
For Media
What's in this pack:
  • Identity Guidelines
  • Standard logos (JPG, PNG, EPS)
  • Social media graphics
  • Fact sheet
  • Latest annual report
  • Trustee bios and photos

General Guidelines

Grant- and PRI-promotion guidelines

Review our guidelines for grant and program-related investment recipients.


Publications that will appear in print or online.
Signage that will appear on a building, vehicle, or any other physical object.
All other forms of marketing do not require permission but must abide by OBT’s brand guidelines.


When referencing OBT, it is important to use the full name of our organization: the Otto Bremer Trust. (While the word “the” is not part of our official name, we use it when referencing OBT.) It may also be helpful to include that we are based in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is also acceptable on second and subsequent references to abbreviate the organization as “OBT.”


The Otto Bremer Trust is a bank holding company and a private charitable trust based in Saint Paul, Minn., that works at the intersection of finance and philanthropy. Created in 1944 by Otto Bremer, it is today one of the nation’s largest philanthropic organizations and is committed to supporting a better quality of life for residents of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. OBT is the majority owner of Bremer Financial Corporation, a regional financial services company; manages a diversified investment portfolio; and operates Community Benefit Financial Company, a financial resources subsidiary. Since its founding, OBT has invested more than $841 million in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest.