Grantmaking FAQs

Get answers to our grantseekers’ most frequently asked questions.

What does OBT fund?

OBT is a responsive grantmaker. In alignment with the vision of our founder, Otto Bremer, we provide general operating, program, and capital support to improve lives in our region.

Visit Grantseekers to learn more about what we fund. To explore OBT’s previous grantmaking, visit Grant & PRI Search.

What does OBT not fund?

See Grantseekers for a detailed list of projects that fall outside the scope of OBT’s funding.

What information should I prepare as part of the application process?

OBT evaluates an organization’s work in the community, its financial condition, and its ability to complete a grant.

Visit the How to Apply section of Grantseekers for a list of application types. You can download a Word version of the application you seek.

Does OBT make multi-year grants?

OBT focuses primarily on one-year funding.

Does OBT accept applications from fiscal sponsors?

The Otto Bremer Trust no longer makes fiscal sponsorship grants.

How do I start an application?

Before beginning a new application, we encourage you to review our grantmaking priorities carefully. Visit our Grantseekers page to find our eligibility guidelines and other information.

What happens after I submit an application?

Grant applications are acknowledged upon receipt. Applicants are contacted if program staff needs additional information or has questions not addressed in the application. Staff may seek additional information through telephone conversations or in-person site visits.

How long will it take to receive a grant decision once my organization applies?

Applicants typically receive a funding decision within 15 weeks of the application deadline.

Where can I find a list of application deadlines and grant notification dates?

See our Schedule for deadlines and notification dates.

Who is my program officer?

Program staff work in broad geographic regions and are not assigned to specific organizations. So, you may or may not work with the same program officer you have worked with before.

If you have questions about an application or grant, you may contact one of our program teams directly:

My organization has an open grant. When will we be able to apply again?

See our Schedule to review the Eligibility Chart for Current Grantees. If you are a current grantee seeking support for a capital project, please see our One Grant at a Time guidelines.

If I have other questions, who can I call?

You can find the right contact person by visiting Our Region or calling our office (651-227-8036 or 888-291-1123) and asking to speak with a program officer.

For technical assistance with the portal, send an email to