How We Work

Our work at the Otto Bremer Trust moves steadily forward as we respond to issues and opportunities that comply with Otto Bremer’s wishes.

There are many ways to impact the people and communities in our region positively, and different issues need different resources. We have developed various strategies to meet these needs and opportunities, including direct grants, program-related investments (PRIs), and other strategic investments, as well as leveraging our work with community-based intermediaries.

As OBT’s footprint is large, we must be well informed about regional issues, community responses, and activities. We are positioned to strategically respond to an ever-changing environment through ongoing research and community conversations.

To fund these philanthropic activities, we utilize the financial returns from our portfolio of assets and investments, including our 86 percent ownership in Bremer Financial Corporation, to re-invest in the community.

Our ongoing focus on ensuring our philanthropic activities are responsive and effective will continue to strengthen the recurring cycle of good.

Visit For Grantseekers to learn more about our direct grantmaking process. Visit PRIs & Strategic Investments to learn about those opportunities.

Explore our database for the last four years of grants and PRIs made by OBT.