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The Otto Bremer Trust is a unique organization spanning banking, investments, and philanthropy. Each serves a specific purpose, and they all work together to deliver impact for the communities we serve. One hundred percent of our assets are put to work for our mission — and have been since 1944.

Social Return

Making grants to nonprofit and other qualified organizations working to improve lives in the Upper Midwest.

We look to respond to needs and opportunities that align with the Trust and are identified by our communities. Our philanthropy team carefully reviews applications leading to recommended investments that make a positive difference in our communities.

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Hybrid Return

Investing in organizations that provide a blend of social and financial return.

The Trust is the majority owner of Bremer Bank and also invests in other ventures. We look for organizations that make a positive impact on the lives of community members but also provide solid financial return on our investments.

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Financial Return

Growing the resources of the Trust through selective investments.

Managed portfolio investments and return on other financial assets help grow and diversify the Trust over the long term. Asset growth and income contribute additional resources for investment in communities.

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A unique resource for investment in the Upper Midwest

More Than $1 Billion in Assets

Through a portfolio of investments and our majority ownership of Bremer Bank, the Otto Bremer Trust now has more than $1 billion in assets that work for the benefit of people, places, and communities in the Upper Midwest. Prudent management of this portfolio and stewardship of Bremer Bank generate financial resources that are used to invest for impact, which is central to our strategic objective.

Organizations impacted in 2021
Grants and PRIs made in 2021

Strengthening Communities Through Multiple Strategies

Whether it takes the form of grantmaking, hybrid investments,or portfolio management, the Otto Bremer Trust invests in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest. For decades,we have invested in diverse and dynamic organizations that workclosely with individuals and communities to address identified needs and opportunities.

Returned and reinvested with purpose

Since its founding in 1944, the Otto Bremer Trust has made more than $600 million in grants and program-related investments.With prudent management of these investments — social, financial, and those that are both — we can expect to continue to grow our assets for even greater positive community impact in the future.That was the vision of our founder, Otto Bremer, and we continue to honor his legacy.

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Since our founding in 1944, our unique approach combining banking, investment, and philanthropic activities allows us to generate resources that are reinvested in our communities. Our model uses finance as a tool for good. We invest in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest to contribute to a better future for all. This is what Otto Bremer envisioned.

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