Statement from the Otto Bremer Trust on George Floyd

May 31, 2020

We are stunned by the death of George Floyd and share the outrage felt by so many citizens. At the Otto Bremer Trust, we will work to see that his tragic death will become the impetus to bring the diverse members of our communities together to find and support solutions to issues involving race and equity. These issues are fundamental to citizenship, a core tenet of Otto Bremer during his lifetime and with OBT for 75 years.

In our work over many years we have seen indisputable evidence that people, organizations, and communities can collaborate to illuminate issues, identify options, and then implement solutions. We know that this work takes determination and perseverance to achieve real change.

It is in this spirit that we commit to work with others to seek understanding and find common ground as we strive to address these critical issues.

Contact: David Hakensen, H Co., 612-840-4592