Hybrid Return

Social & Financial Investments


Every investment serves a purpose for the Otto Bremer Trust. We refer to those meeting both social and financial objectives as delivering hybrid returns. These include program-related investments with like-minded organizations and or participation in other mission-driven initiatives. Explore the different ways innovative finance is facilitating more good for our communities.

Hybrid Return Focus

Investment Resources

  • Community Benefit Financial Company
  • Program-Related Investments (PRIs)
  • Mission-Driven Initiatives
Community Benefit Financial Company

Community Benefit Financial Company (CBFC) was established to increase the availability of new financial resources for organizations across the region. Examples include medium-term loans, investments in patient-capital funds, revolving lines of credit, real estate acquisition funds, and health services financing.

The Impact


We are seeking organizations that successfully contribute to both the financial and social capital within a community. Here is a link to some of our notable partnerships.

Recent Grant Recipients

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Community Reinvestment Fund, Inc.
$500,000 | 2019 | Minneapolis, MN

To provide CRF with the lending capital necessary to fund under resourced small businesses in Minnesota.

Project for Pride in Living, Inc.
$1,000,000 | 2019 | Minneapolis, MN

To support the land acquisition for Phase 1 of an affordable housing development at the former Ford Motor Company assembly plant in the Highland Park neighborhood of Saint Paul.

The Sheridan Story
$250,000 | 2019 | Roseville, MN

To support capital needs, specifically to retain adequate and well-priced inventory.

Partner With Us

When seeking opportunities to generate a hybrid return for the people in the Upper Midwest, there are numerous complexities to consider. We find it beneficial for all parties to begin the partnership process with exploratory conversations. If you represent an organization that may be able to provide hybrid returns, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you. To start the conversation, please contact our controller.

Tony Thompson