22-57593 – Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership, Inc.

To elminate poverty by empowering families and engaging communities.

21-55559 – Afro-American Development Association

For general operations to help marginalized New American families in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

21-55433 – Churches United for the Homeless

For general operations to provide safe shelter, stable housing, and nutritious food for individuals experiencing homelessness.

21-56001 – Churches United for the Homeless

To purchase equipment for the newly acquired food pantry in West Fargo, North Dakota.

21-55964 – Hope Inc.

For general operations to provide sporting and recreational opportunities for children and adults with mobility challenges.

21-55428 – A Place for Hope: Recovery and Wellness Center, Inc.

To install a commercial kitchen and update food pantry facilities.

20-54588 – Immigrant Development Center

For general operations to support and develop successful immigrant entrepreneurs and small businesses owners.

20-55054 – Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society

To support beginning farmers by providing access to land, technical support, and education to help under-served/BIPOC individuals launch small farm business enterprises.

20-54924 – Minnesota State Community and Technical College

For support of a health professions pipeline program to increase achievement outcomes and improve potential for first-generation and students of color to become healthcare professionals.

20-54664 – Community Health Service Inc.

For general operations to improve awareness of and targeted access to affordable healthcare for low-income individuals