22-57542 – Wisconsin Literacy, Inc.

For general operations to provide support and training to statewide literacy partners serving adults and families with limited to low literacy.

22-57534 – YWCA of Madison

To provide transitional housing to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Madison, Wisconsin.

21-55245 – Access Community Health Centers

For general operations to expand and provide care to uninsured patients in the greater Madison area.

21-56615 – Affordable Dental Care, Inc.

For general operations and equipment to provide expanded dental care access to individuals in the greater Dane County area.

22-57209 – ABC for Health, Inc.

For general operations and program expansion to provide health benefits counseling, legal services, and training to help families in Wisconsin obtain and maintain healthcare coverage.

22-57156 – Wisconsin Institute for Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia

For general operations to increase literacy skills for individuals with dyslexia.

21-56752 – Literacy Network, Inc.

For general operations to provide literacy skills development, English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, citizenship classes, and GED/HSED for adults in Dane County.

21-56881 – FairShare CSA Coalition, Inc.

To increase access to fresh food for individuals and families of limited-income in southern Wisconsin.

21-56788 – Wisconsin Early Childhood Association, Inc.

For general operations to stabilize and expand quality child care and early education in Wisconsin.

21-56329 – Family Service Madison, Inc.

For general operations to provide behavioral health services for people experiencing traumatic situations, domestic violence, neglect, abuse, and resulting mental health issues.