Financial Return

Financial Investments


Investments that generate strong financial returns are critical to support our mission. By managing a diverse portfolio of quality assets, we’re able to grow the supply of funds available to be reinvested in the community through grants, PRIs, and other mission-oriented initiatives.

Financial Return Focus


  • Bremer Bank
  • Portfolio
  • Innovative Financing
Bremer Bank

The Otto Bremer Trust is a bank holding company that is the majority owner of Bremer Bank, a nearly $12 billion financial services institution with operations throughout the three-state region. Bremer Bank, through its many community-based branches, plays an important role in community health with committed local employees who provide superior banking services to businesses and individuals and are personally involved in their communities. We see Bremer Bank as more than just a financial institution. At its core, it is a community bank that grew from Otto’s original portfolio of “countryside banks.” Even as we’ve grown, we maintain that local focus that sets Bremer Bank apart.

Talk With Us

We manage our investments in accordance with our Trust instrument and regulatory parameters. We work with a variety of support resources and welcome opportunities to grow our relationships. Please contact us for further information.

Marissa Schon
Executive Assistant